Warning: Addictive

“I can’t even think of a word to describe B. Happy Peanut Butter… Remarkable? Fantastic? Exceptional? Outstanding? Smunchy ? Perfect? There isn’t a single word that can some up how UH MAZING this peanut butter is. I have yet to buy a jar that wasn’t empty by the end of the day. It’s the most dangerous, ADDICTIVE food I’ve ever encountered. There should probably be a support group for us B. Happy fanatics. “Hello, My name is Allison, and I am a B. Happy ‘s Go Lucky Peanut Butter addict.”

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Spoon

“They mean it when they say “eat it with a spoon.” Seriously, just dig in. The texture is really great and “ smunchy ” with all kinds of delicious treasures mixed in. When we asked “what’s your favorite way to eat it?”, one suggestion was to mix into greek yogurt. YES. It’s amazing.Try that. So here’s the deal, go buy some and enjoy the heck out of it.You’re welcome.” -Jessica P.

BYO Spoon

“My family literally eats tablespoons of peanut butter right out of the jar as a snack, so I thought they might enjoy this. I was right they were loving reading the varieties and they LOVE eating it. I might have snuck in a few bites myself…” -Jillybeans

A Peanut Butter Snack That Will Make Your Friends Jelly

“There is no better peanut butter than B. Happy! I get some every chance I get and talk about it all the time! Even my secret Santa got me a big ole jar of Pay it Forward! I opened that jar up at work and made others try it… got B. Happy a few more fans! Beyond the great taste, B. Happy has a great story! I love how they got their whole family involved in designing and packaging the product! Go. Go buy some now. You won’t be disappointed.”

A Snack You' Want to Stash

“If the amount of time that one jar lasts in our household of 2 adults is any indication of just how good this stuff is, then it’s hands down the best. I seriously have to make myself stop eating it by the spoonful every time I walk by it. It’s also amazing on graham cracker sticks, pretzels, or by the finger full. Don’t judge me. Who would have thought that I would be obsessed with peanut butter? That reminds me…I’m almost out. Gotta go get more. See ya.” – Krysha M.

Don’t Be Hungry Be Happy

“There is peanut butter (boring) and then there is B. Happy Peanut Butter (mind blowing)! Imagine opening a jar of fresh sinful honey roasted peanut butter. You lift the vessel to your nose just to breathe in the sweet essence of a creamy peanut butter cup. You say to yourself…”only one spoonful”…”you got this”…”be strong.” The rich butter melts on your tongue, crunchy pretzel pieces add the perfect layer of salt, oh..is that a sweet chocolate chip? The sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy, peanutty decadence starts playing a symphony in your mouth. Suddenly, your reaching for a second spoonful, then a third, then a fourth, will the madness ever end? The world all of a sudden stops. You have entered heaven and the clouds are made of B. Happy (Dream Big) White Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Butter. Eventually you snap out of it and the 12 oz jar you were holding has now become 4 oz. Bewildered, you think how did that happen? You chuckle to yourself and say ——“thank goodness I bought a second jar” and keep eating. True story…and that is just a taste of what it’s like eating this amazing peanut butter. This dreamy stuff is made in small batches in Zionsville, Indiana. Check their website for retail locations and to place orders online. You should do it soon before I buy all of it!” – Brooke K.