Have Questions? We Have Answers

Q: How do I eat B.Happy?

A: Our motto is to eat it with a spoon! Or a fork, finger – whatever vessel you have handy. You can also use it as a dip for apples, pretzels, put some in your yogurt, smoothies. Our nieces and nephews love it on waffles and ice cream!


Q: What is the shelf life of B.Happy?

A: Our peanut butter has a one year “Best By” date from the day it is made. You can find the “Best By” date on the side or bottom of the jar. No need to refrigerate our peanut butter!


Q: What are the nutrition facts?

A: We have new labels that include all of our nutritional information on the jar. It is also on the website.


Q: Is B.Happy gluten free or dairy free?

A: We do not label any of our peanut butters as gluten or dairy free. All of our flavors list their ingredients and possible allergens on the label.


Q: What are your top selling flavors?

A: Dream Big and Go Lucky are our two best sellers, but if you ask our family which is their favorite we all have a different answer!


Q: Where can I buy B.Happy?

A: We ship online to all 50 states and our website lists the stores that carry our product. Check out the map to see what is near you!